I've written features and investigations about things like ...

+ how an Ivy League food scientist turned shoddy data into viral studies (more on that here)

+ dozens of people who went in for routine cataract surgery and left nearly blind

+ the rise and fall of CrossFit’s science crusader

+ an alleged giant avocado heist

+ the all-meat, all the time diet that supposedly cured Jordan Peterson and his daughter

+ pro-pasta science bankrolled by Big Pasta

+ apricot seeds peddled online as a cancer cure

+ a bogus food intolerance test plugged by B-list celebrities on Instagram

+ a biotech startup CEO who didn’t actually have a PhD, and the challenges of blood-based cancer detection tests

+ the anti-science forces seeding doubt about climate change and vaccines online

+ an apple that never browns and what it means for the future of food

+ secret DNA analysis software sending people to prison

+ what happens when Silicon Valley tries to disrupt food delivery

+ the tech industry’s paradoxical obsession with sleep

+ a biohacker's attempt to CRISPR himself

+ surrogacy in India

...and more. All my BuzzFeed News articles can be found here