Hi, I'm Stephanie, a science reporter at BuzzFeed News.

I write about science, health, technology, commerce, and society. Some of my feature and investigative stories have been about scientific misconduct and conflicts of interest; the dissemination of scientific misinformation on the internet; the research reproducibility crisis in food, fitness, and psychology; the business of wellness; genetics; biohacking; and digital health and biotech companies. Here is my Longform archive.

I was previously a reporter at The San Francisco Chronicle, where I covered biotechnology, health, and local politics. My reporting has also appeared in The Albany Times-Union, The Washington Post, Inside Higher Ed, The Virginian-Pilot, and the Pasadena Star-News.

I grew up in Southern California, studied comparative literature at UC Berkeley, and live in San Francisco. I love the great state of California, history, art, travel, solitude, and movies. Sometimes I run and do yoga.

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