Hi, I'm Stephanie, a science reporter at BuzzFeed News.

I write about science, health, technology, business, and society, and how all those things fit together, usually not without friction. Some of my feature and investigative stories have been about scientific misconduct and conflicts of interest; the dissemination of scientific misinformation on the internet; the research reproducibility crisis in food, fitness, and psychology; the business of wellness; genetics; biohacking; and digital health and biotech companies. 

I was previously a reporter at The San Francisco Chronicle, where I covered biotechnology, health, and local politics. My reporting has also appeared in The Albany Times-Union, The Washington Post, Inside Higher Ed, The Virginian-Pilot, and the Pasadena Star-News.

I grew up in Southern California, studied comparative literature at UC Berkeley, and live in San Francisco. I love the great state of California, history, art, travel, solitude, and Alfred Hitchcock movies. Sometimes I run and do yoga.

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+ talked about dubious food research and the replication crisis on NPR’s Science Friday
+ discussed the rise and fall of Theranos on KQED’s Forum
+ interviewed a biohacker about his body implants at Biohack the Planet
+ honored by an award from the American Psychological Association for contributing “in a significant way to the public’s understanding of psychology”
+ wrote about my reporting on the Cornell Food and Brand Lab and the importance of public records requests for the Center for Health Journalism